What is DubaiPeeps?

Dubai Peeps is the first Dubai NFT Collection that was custom made as a homage to the people of Dubai. The collection aims to signify the novelty and evolution of the UAE and fortify the community in bringing people together and further encourage them to identify with each and every art piece, which are distinctive and unique on their own. The sold-out collection holds only 600 NFTs which makes them extremely scarce and desirable.

Since the launch of DubaiPeeps in Nov. 2021 a lot of milestones have been achieved and the following incentives of owning one of our exclusive NFTs have been established to incentivize and reward our early adaptors like no other project has done before.

Highlights of being part of the most exclusive Dubai Community NFT project:

  • The total collection is limited to ONLY 600NFTs
  • Royalties for ALL holders of ALL future drops
  • Access to exclusive real life grand events
  • Access to the private discord channel
  • One free mint per each DubaiPeep you hold for all ThePeepsProject drops (next AnonymousPeeps, 3D Peeps)
  • Exclusive Metaverse access (Landrocker)
  • Exclusive access to play to earn
  • Exclusive custom special edition Merch
  • Access to a custom made 3D Peep
  • Whitelist opportunity for all future drops

The Collection

The entire collection holds a total of only 600 handcrafted NFTs that are categorized through rarity and specific attributes.

  • 462 Regular Characters They hold different attributes (jewelry, hats, glasses, missing tooth, wild hair etc.) to determine their rareness. Each of these characters come with one out of four Dubai Skyline backgrounds.
  • 120 Special Editions These stand out through certain visual characteristics or hold a further meaning. These characters come with one out of four plain backgrounds.
  • 18 Masterpieces These are the highlight of our collection and are extremely scarce. They come with a special edition background that tells a story about the character and what he/she represents or where he/she is. Besides being colorful and interesting, These backgrounds also come with a personalized signature of the artist himself.

As a little gimmick, we have added seven mini collections to our total DubaiPeeps collection (Monsters SE, Max SE, Franka SE, Shantay SE, Masked SE, Came Joe SE, Martin SE). These seven smaller collections consist of 4 NFTs each, that range from dawn to night. If you manage to collect all four from one of the seven mini collections, you will be rewarded with an ULTRARARE DubaiPeep (this offer can only be redeemed once per mini collection).

*Every DubaiPeep is the key to our community, so regardless of which one you get your hands on, you will benefit from all the exclusive utility.

AgustinAishaAldoSheikha SEBjornCasandraDJStacey SEDyler SEEranHamour SEKong SENuraMPMartimSavarAlya

Passive Income Structure

DubaiPeeps holder will be incentivized like never before through our passive income structure pools that will reward each and every single NFT owner of our community. The passive income will be generated through 3% of the royalties of ALL future drops that go under ThePeepsProject umbrella (upcoming drops are AnonymousPeeps and the 3D Peeps).

The percentage distribution goes as follows:

  • The holder of a Regular Edition will earn 0.75% of the royalties.
  • The holder of a Special Edition will earn 1% of the royalties.
  • The holder of a Masterpiece will earn 1.25% of the royalties.

* You will be able to claim your rewards directly from our webpage by simply connecting your Metamask wallet
(we recommend doing it no more than once per month to save on gas fees).





Discord: PRM#3387

Co Founder/Marketing


Co Founder/Marketing

Discord: Bahar#5451

Lead Architect


Lead Architect

Discord: Mr. Wong#7816

Community Admin


Community Admin

Discord: Appel#8795

Project Manager


Project Manager

Discord: РАЖАБ |#9243

Tech Lead


Tech Lead

Discord: TJ#4194

The rest of our team such as the web designers, community managers and mods are doing a fabulous job on the back and front-end to ensure a flawless experience for our community.



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